Health Advocate offers employees 24/7 access to online medical consultations with MeMD’s advanced telehealth service and national network of US-licensed medical providers for common, minor conditions. This easy access to board-certified providers anytime, anywhere, offers a safe, effective and money-saving alternative for care when an individual’s regular physicians are not available.

Integrating telemedicine with your current benefit offerings can increase access to medical care at a fraction of the cost of regular medical visits, without sacrificing quality.

Services Include: 

Consult with board certified medical providers 24/7 via phone, email, or video consultation

100% confidential care solutions for common medical conditions such as colds, cuts, insect stings, allergies, headaches, fever and more

Receive answers to your medical concerns and treatment options within 30-60 minutes

Obtain a prescription or medication refill

Access to a Personal Health Advocate for ongoing help and support

No waiting rooms, closed offices, or waiting weeks for an appointment!

Ready to get started with Prosper Benefits?

Ready to get started with Prosper Benefits?

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