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Candor’s app takes the guess work out of health insurance enrollment. Compare plans from the nation's leading carriers and make sense of a plan before you enroll.

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The Old Way

Health insurance enrollment is totally confusing.

"Without guidance, it can be tough to fully understand the nuances of a plan and how it compares to other options."

The Old Way
The New Way
The New Way

Health insurance enrollment is super simple.

Tell Candor what matters to you and we'll find insurance that fits. It’s that simple.

Compatible with every major health insurance carrier

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Lower your out-of-pocket costs

Don’t get blindsided by the cost of care. See if you’re covered and calculate what you might pay before you enroll.

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Instantly signup with your Facebook. Then match to the health insurance plans that are right for you (and your family).

Match to plans with total confidence

Take the guesswork out of health insurance. Spend less time browsing and go to the plan with the highest percentage match.

Simply tap to enroll

Enroll in health insurance in minutes with Candor’s iOS app. Choose a plan, tap enroll, and pay with Apple Pay, a charge card or any bank account.

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