We offer a full suite of services to augment your Broker business.

Marketing & Design

Get your message out there in a way that looks great. We’ll work in bringing the leads in, and you just focus on doing what you do best… closing the sale. Our team will design landing pages, print collateral, and tradeshow booths, while also penning email blasts, press releases, and articles on your behalf.

Broker Services

We’re guessing that if we asked 10 brokers about the most frustrating part of their day-to-day, 10 brokers would cite nitty-gritty servicing as the source of their angst. That’s where the Candor Broker Service center comes in. We take all of those questions, comments, and concerns off your plate–freeing you up to sell even more. 

Contact Center

Fielding all customer questions and concerns via phone call and live chat.


Candor’s proprietary A.I. chat bot, available to you to automate enrollment assistance. 

Email Support

Assisting with more detailed correspondence, as well as proactive customer support. 

Social Media 

Having a strong presence across social media channels isn’t so much a benefit anymore as it is a sheer necessity. In an industry where relationships are key, cultivating that direct line of communication with your customers is integral to being successful as a broker. Our experienced team will not only take over managing your accounts, but will also create engaging content to attract new, viable leads for your business.  

Custom Microexchanges

Leverage Candor’s carrier relationships to offer your customers plans not found anywhere else on the market. Our client manager will work with you to currate a shopping experience unique to your brokerage. 

Our consulting services are only included with the top two tiers of our small broker portal offering. 

Do you want to amp up your business with the Candor Broker Portal?