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It’s time to take back your time.

From tedious proposals to learning the ins-and-outs of seventeen different carrier platforms, your schedule is booked! These extraneous tasks shouldn’t monopolize the core of your career and ultimately, your life. You went into business for yourself because you wanted the freedom and the luxury of time–the luxury to be at your kid’s soccer game, or to take that impromptu three-day weekend. It’s time for you take back your time. It’s time to sell more and service less. It’s time for you to meet Candor. 

Candor wants you to sell more, and service less

Here’s how. 

Automate More

Your tracking, billing, client questions, and plan recommendation. Better get that sunscreen ready!

Offer More

With plans that are 8-12% cheaper*, plus Prosper Benefits included, clients will thank you for selling them coverage.

Earn More

You keep 100% of your commissions you earn, and could very well double, if not triple, your current business!

Relax More

While your business multiplies, your sweat equity is greatly reduced. What will you do with all of that extra time? 

How does it work?

Step 1

Create Associations & Groups

Add your existing association and group (employer) info to the Broker Portal. Then, choose health carriers based on their location. An automated email will be sent to all group leaders, inviting them to start their healthcare wizard via a unique link.

Step 2

Employer Goes Through Wizard

Each employer goes through our intuitive wizard, where-in they answer questions, upload an employee census, currate healthcare and ancillary plan slections, and then checkout. They are directed to a dedicated “employer portal” and their employees are emailed to begin their process of acquiring healthcare coverage.

Step 3

Employee Goes Through Wizard

Upon receiving their invitation email, the employees will go through their own version of the wizard and choose plans from the selection curated by their employers. They checkout, and BOOM! Just like that and all thanks to you, an entire company has coverage. 

Step 4

You Sit Back and Collect Your Commissions

Personally, we recommend a nice Mojito while you watch your money come in, but hey, to each their own. 

It’s as simple as that. And it just get’s better.

Brand Power.
Right from the start.

If you have existing relationships with carriers… kudos to you! If you starting from scratch or would just like to increase your offerings, we’ve got three carriers on board, whose plans are available you from day one.

Broker Portal Features

Indiana Jones had his whip. Batman had his utility belt. You have your broker portal.

Data Tracking

Keep track of key metrics like renewal dates, enrollment status, and commissions.

Branded for You

Your logo goes right up top. We white label because we understand the value of your brand.

Location Sorting

Assign healthcare carriers to associations and groups based on state and ZIP code.

Group Creation

Create new associations and groups in seconds. Watch as their employees begin to choose healthcare.

Automated Emails

Send pre-formatted emails inviting employers to begin choosing healthcare coverage.

Ancillary Coverage

Healthcare is only part of the story. Choose carriers for dental, life and other ancillary products as well.

Employer/Employee Portal Features

The lighted path through the (formerly) confusing world of healthcare coverage. 


Users are presented with comprehensive instructions prior to starting wizard.

Live Chat

Dedicated, licensed support staff available via chat window throughout the process.

Plan Selection

Choose from dozens of  competitive plans are on average, 10-12% cheaper than closest ACA plan.

Optional Ancillary

Employers have the option to contribute to ancillary plans, and employees have the option to buy.

Voluntary Contribution

Send pre-formatted emails inviting employers to begin choosing healthcare coverage.

Email Prompts

Healthcare is only part of the story. Choose carriers for dental, life and other ancillary products as well.

Ready to get started? Of course you are!

(We’re just asking to be polite)


How long will it take you to make a return on your investment?

Get ready to automate an entire branch of your brokerage.

It’s time for you to start selling more and servicing less. 

Have Questions? We’re happy to help!

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

To speak to a Candor representative by phone, feel free to call (706) 252-8077. We are available Monday – Friday from 8AM – 9PM EST. 

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