Shopping On Health Insurance Exchanges: A Wealth Of Choices

Why do people love shopping at malls? It’s primarily because of the choices available when there’s a huge variety of …

Why do people love shopping at malls? It’s primarily because of the choices available when there’s a huge variety of stores all under one roof: lots of shops, lots of products and lots of options (and yes, lots of fast food, too).

Online health insurance exchanges (also known as marketplaces) provide the same variety of choices, all on one website. And once you get past any initial anxiety or intimidation associated with health insurance jargon, marketplaces are by far the best way to shop for a plan that meets your needs and your budget – especially when you have a health insurance companion like Candor to walk you through the process.

Exactly how do you shop on a health insurance exchange? Read on.

Clarifying the Vocabulary

Health insurance marketplaces became an important part of America’s vocabulary after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. and exchanges set up by a number of states provided individuals with a method – a very difficult method, most of the time – to find health care, often with the help of government subsidies.

Well-known problems with, and the political uncertainty surrounding Obamacare, have made “health insurance exchange” a scary phrase for many people. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Successful private health insurance exchanges have been around for decades, giving companies and individuals a robust choice of health care plans to choose from, at very attractive prices. And Candor Insurance has taken the concept of a private health insurance marketplace to a brand new level. We take you by the hand and walk you through the widest range of insurance possibilities imaginable, priced far below the levels you’d find anywhere else.

Here’s how to shop for health insurance on a marketplace like the Candor platform.

Shopping for Health Insurance on a Health Insurance Marketplace

Imagine visiting a clothing store in the mall we talked about earlier. You’d first find the section that sells the type of clothes you want (shirts or pants, for example), then you’d look for racks with the styles and colors you’re interested in, and finally you’d select items in your size.

Now imagine a store that sells only health insurance. You’d first find the section that sells the type of health insurance you want (individual or family, for example), then you’d look for the network coverage that suits your health and financial situation (such as HMO or PPO), and finally you’d select the plans which best meet your needs.

An online health insurance exchange basically works like that second store. You’re able to “drill down” through a wealth of health insurance plans to find the ones that match your individual situation, so you can easily compare benefits and prices – all on one screen.

There’s one additional and crucial benefit to the marketplace shopping process when you have a health care companion like Candor: amazing support during your shopping experience. You’re not left on your own to understand all the jargon and make your choices;

Candor provides an enormous selection of online tools, hosted by our Platform, to help you make every single decision throughout the process.

The Many Choices You’ll Have

If a public-option plan created for Obamacare purposes meets your needs, you’ll be able to purchase it on a private exchange (and receive any applicable government subsidies). However, the real advantage to a private health insurance marketplace is the availability of a huge range of plans that are only available on the marketplace, created specifically for the exchange and priced attractively, thanks to the combined purchasing power of the exchange’s many members.

Choosing a health insurance plan through a private insurance marketplace is the best way to ensure that your plan fits your personal situation at a price you can afford. Using Candor’s insurance marketplace is an easy and rewarding way to do it.