Health Insurance Agents: Turn Technology Into Your Biggest Asset

Every broker who’s been around for more than a few years knows that offering health insurance services to clients has …

Every broker who’s been around for more than a few years knows that offering health insurance services to clients has become much more complicated – and much less profitable.

Commissions? Rates keep falling and structures become less favorable every year.

Compliance and regulation? The playing field is harder to understand and navigate than ever.

Perhaps worst of all, technological advances have turned the work of a health insurance broker upside-down.

  • Personal contact with carriers: replaced by impersonal emails and unreturned voice mails.
  • Consultation on available coverages: replaced by difficult-to-navigate, do-it-yourself websites and public marketplaces.
  • Standardized paperwork: replaced by a hodgepodge of carriers’ online forms that are nearly impossible to file and store.

And the clients who once depended on their broker to handle health insurance can now easily find alternatives on the Internet – eliminating commissionable sales completely.

In many ways, technology has become your adversary. It doesn’t have to be. In today’s environment, technology can be your biggest asset. It’s possible by working with a company called Candor.

Candor’s goal is to become the health insurance companion for all Americans – in partnership with the nation’s independent agents.

We’ve created the most complete and technologically-advanced health insurance marketplace the nation has ever seen. It’s built to service individual, family and small business accounts far better than any system that’s been created. And we’re inviting you to join us, to help you build your brokerage and increase your commissions.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s not.

When you partner with Candor, you simply send your existing and new health insurance clients to your own customized portal on the Candor website – and we take it from there. Our extensive network of carriers and plans is larger than any single broker can offer, and our groundbreaking platform and tools allow clients to easily find the plan that meets their needs.
And we do all of the work.

Contacts and negotiations with carriers? Research and plan comparisons? Compliance and paperwork? Changes in coverage due to life events? We handle it all. Policy renewals? Automated.

You won’t have to worry about anything except sending your clients the link to “your” health insurance website – and collecting up to 70% of all total commissions, plus renewals.

If you need to access your clients’ information, it’s all available to you in your customizable Candor control panel. And since it’s all stored on the cloud, you can access it at any time, from anywhere.

When you partner with Candor you won’t have to deal with any of the technological obstacles that can make placing health insurance for clients a nightmare – and often, unfortunately, a loss-leader. You can spend the time you’d normally waste on your health insurance business more productively. You can even expand your health insurance business dramatically if you’d like, since Candor’s “set-it-and-forget-it” model for agents is completely scalable.

Stop fighting technology – make it work for you. Partnering with Candor can make our technology one of your biggest assets in growing your brokerage.