Candor Insurance Becomes A Top Solution For Agents Leaving

No matter where the fault lies, is failing. It may survive for the short term; it may be replaced …

No matter where the fault lies, is failing. It may survive for the short term; it may be replaced by a new system; or it may become just a footnote in health insurance history. In any event, thousands of Agents are seeing the writing on the wall and searching for a new online solution for their needs – and those of their clients.

Millions of individuals, families and small businesses, working in coordination with their insurance agents, have used the website to locate and purchase their health insurance. But most have found the experience promised by the ACA to be frustrating at best.
In concept, an online health exchange greatly benefits customers, Agents and carriers. In reality, is glitchy and complicated, and often requires users to visit a number of different websites just to gather the information to make an informed decision.

A large number of agents searching for new answers have discovered that the benefits of Candor Insurance’s online private health exchange – combined with the wealth of coverage options and advanced comparison tools available to both clients and agents – is the perfect solution.

Candor’s Advantages

Aside from maintaining the familiarity of working with an online health exchange, Candor Insurance brings so many advantages to the table that never provided.

  • A Wealth of Options: Candor is compatible with every major health insurance carrier, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care, Anthem and many more. And Candor’s large provider base means that an enormous number of plans are available, at premiums below ones normally offered by individual Agents with small portfolios.
  • Advanced Client Tools and User Experience: Candor’s advanced technology provides the easiest and most complete navigation and sign-up process in the industry. It features groundbreaking tools which allow side-by-side comparisons of all plans offered in the exchange – including breakdowns of what medical appointments or procedures will cost with each plan.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service: Knowledgeable human support combined with a powerful chatbot named Casey, driven by artificial intelligence, provides 24/7 client attention that’s caring, complete and effective for maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • A Hands-Free Process for Agents: Once Agents refer clients to their own, branded section of the Candor Insurance Exchange, they can sit back and relax (or pursue new business). Enrollments, renewals, changes, and support are all handled by Candor under the Broker’s name – with commissions going directly to the Broker. All client information remains available at all times, stored securely on the cloud and available to the Broker via his or her Candor account.

The imminent demise of presents a major opportunity. Clients love the convenience and robust offerings of the Candor online private exchange. Broker’s love being able to offload the bulk of their work to a reputable, trend-setting insurance company while still collecting commissions and providing the service their clients expect.

It’s truly a win-win solution worth checking out.