Welcome to the 5 Secrets of the fastest growing Associations.


Associations have a storied history of positively transforming society. Members look for
their association to be on the cutting edge of their industry with the most value for their



An Association must implement these 5 secrets of growth to become and
remain the best value for their members.

    Secret #1

    Uncover the 3 greatest challenges your members face in their industry. As the Association
    you have the highest level of understanding for their market, business issues and needs.

      Secret #2

      Analyze the 3 challenges that your members face in order to establish the greatest need in
      relation to how you can support them.

        Secret #3

        Choose the challenge that has an exclusive and scalable solution that is beneficial for the
        members AND the Association.

        Secret #4

        Identify a Partner that is experienced and knowledgeable to assist you with a solution to
        this challenge. As an Association you need a partner with commitment and passion who is
        singularly focused on the challenge.

        Secret #5

        Enact prodigious communication and hands-free delivery of this solution to your

        Let’s take “Association A”, for example.

        Association A identifies the 3 greatest challenges for their members

                    Issue 1 – Finding high quality fairly compensated employees

                    Issue 2- Retaining high quality, and reasonably compensated employees

                    Issue 3- Providing cost effective and meaningful benefits to their employees

        Analyses of the 3 challenges revealed a root problem related to healthcare coverage. Adding healthcare coverage would alleviate the stress of all three identified challenges for Association A.

        Association healthcare coverage is a hot topic. There are limited providers of healthcare coverage for associations that are well versed in their industry trends. Many Associations providers of yester year offer thinly vailed legacy solutions masked as industry leading solutions or benefits that leave employees in a category of underinsured.

        Association A found a scalable solution that helped them resolve the challenges of finding, retaining, and providing for their members.  This solution, once announced to their members, created value and enticed members to take advantage of the solution. Being a part of the process enabled Association A’s members to take control of their healthcare and make the best choice for themselves and their employees.

        Our next article is how to choose a Partner that can support you in order to offer this solution. Look for it soon!