Getting your health insurance just got super simple.

If you can book an Airbnb or hail an Uber, you can enroll in health insurance with Candor.

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The Old Way

Health insurance enrollment is totally confusing.

"Without guidance, it can be tough to fully understand the nuances of a plan and how it compares to other options."

The Old Way
The New Way
The New Way

Health insurance enrollment is super simple.

Tell Candor what matters to you and we'll find insurance that fits. It’s that simple.

Skip the health insurance jargon

We’re all about transparency and less confusion.

Match to plans with total confidence

Coverage that aligns with your lifestyle and interests.

Stay ahead of the cost of care

Be proactive instead of reactive. Plan ahead to estimate costs.

Don’t go without health insurance. Getting the medical care you need when you need it, including free preventive care, is what’s best for your health and your bank account.


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